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One-To-One Pilates Training

Our One to One Pilates sessions are very popular.

I’m often told the complexity of Pilates often confuses people. Initially there is so much information to take in and sometimes things are lost in translation.

This is when our One to One Pilates sessions are very beneficial, especially to any new client or indeed anyone wishing to improve their Pilates technique.

I have often taught clients who have been participating in group sessions for many years, in health clubs or gyms, and in their very first session with us learn things they didn’t know!

This is no fault of the previous Pilates Instructors, however things sometimes become diluted in a group situation. Corrections need to be made regularly enough so as to allow the participant to feel the difference.

Pilates is a program that is based on feeling.

The participant needs to be very aware if they are maintaining neutral spine through their Pilates class.

The definition of neutral spine is 'The position of an individual's spine where every joint is held in an optimal position to allow an equal distribution of force through the entire structure.'

In neutral posture, the body is able to function in its strongest, most balanced position. Stress to the joints, muscles, vertebrae and tissue is minimized. Maintaining neutral posture will help reduce the risk of injury and increase the efficiency of movement during exercise.

Neutral spine, I agree is often a difficult technique to teach especially in a group environment.

The reason for is that it is beneficial if the participant has some awareness of their body and how it moves. Some people pick this technique up quickly and others find it much harder.

This is when they often book a One to One session. The individual Pilates session/sessions will iron out any problems they may be encountering.

EVERY person learns at different speeds. This is acceptable in any activity but especially so in Pilates. The extra time taken to absorb the learning often pays dividends later, as they progress to more advanced Pilates exercises.

The participant will then either pop back into our group sessions or often they have benefited from the one to one tuition so much that they remain as an Individual client.

An Infiniti Wellbeing Pilates Instructor will arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time.

The Pilates instructor will be explain the concept of Pilates and then identify any injuries you may have prior to starting the session. The mere fact that you won’t need to travel to and from your session will place you in the right frame of mind for your Pilates session.

This relaxed environment has a calming influence and a perfect environment to ask any questions you may have concerning your Pilates session.

This allows you to gain precious inroads into the Pilates concept in a relaxed environment.

If you would like more information about this One to One mobile Pilates service. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and thank you.

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