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As a Personal trainer and owner of Infiniti Wellbeing in Edinburgh, over the years, I have worked with many people from very different backgrounds.

People approach me for a variety of reasons.

Some of my clients are high powered business people, who have little time to even think about exercise, let alone think about an appropriate fitness program prior to actually arriving at the gym.

This is where I come in, they realize the need for them to remain fit and healthy to enable them to cope with their huge workload.

So they schedule my session in their diary and I become an appointment like any other.

This is invaluable to them, as without this scheduled appointment, their heavy workload could easily challenge the time allocated for their fitness session. Leaving them frustrated and disappointed. I travel to either their workplace or home to provide a session specifically designed for the individual.

I supply all equipment and the duration of the session is one hour.

Many years ago I trained clients at health clubs and gyms in and around Edinburgh. This was suitable at the time, however, I increasingly found that clients were arriving late for their sessions. Especially after work, when they got caught in the evening traffic. They arrived very stressed.

I suggested to some of my clients the possibility of training from their home or workplace. This would mean, I was the person becoming stressed in the evening traffic!

Some didn’t embrace the idea and some agreed to try the new concept. I have to admit, I now know some clients were very skeptical about the idea and realize now, they only agreed as I had a good relationship with them.

Within a very short time, even the skeptical ones, were happy with the new mobile service.

They found it equally beneficial to gym training and the lack of cardio machines was made up for in other ways. All equipment was supplied and it’s amazing how inventive I can be within the home setting.

They found the benefit, whether they trained first thing in the morning, when they could just fall out of bed into gym kit in readiness for my arrival or alternatively later in the day, when after their session they could shower at their own convenience before or after preparing their evening meal.

So with this response I moved all my clients to the mobile personal training service and I we haven’t looked back!

The focus is on me being innovative, as in a gym environment there is a lot of equipment at hand which makes personal training a lot easier for the trainer, however, I like a challenge!

In contrast to working with professionals, I also help ladies prepare for the the biggest day of their life, their Wedding. I have helped future bride’s lose weight and change their body shape in the months prior to their wedding. It is lovely to be invited to wedding, to truly appreciate the dedication they have shown to their training in the previous months.

Then there are the people who approach me with the goal of training for entry exams for the Police or Fire service.As in the case of the bride we have a deadlines to work towards. However, not everyone has a specific goal, but just as importantly, a life goal which will help them on their journey through life.

This may be a weight loss challenge, a fitness challenge or a combination of many things.

However, every goal deserves the same attention and at Infiniti Wellbeing, we are here to help you achieve. Since becoming a qualified Personal trainer in Edinburgh over a decade ago, I have often heard the statement “I would love to have a personal trainer to help me become fitter” Often the person saying this is determined and makes this wish a reality. And soon after trains with me.

However, many people ponder for many weeks, months or even in one case 2 years before take the plunge to contact me to organised One to One sessions. I very much appreciate that personal training is a considered purchase and not only concerns cost.

The main consideration, I would imagine is “Do I like this person enough to spend a full hour in their company, whilst participating in exercise and learning new techniques?” As personal training is as it says is a person service, the client and personal trainer have to have something in common.

Whether it be that you like my personality and approach? Or you are impressed by my qualifications and work ethic?

There are a number of factors that make up the persons mind. I met one of my first personal training clients after teaching her in a fitness class at a gym in Edinburgh many years ago. She had attended the class for a few weeks and then one evening approached me after the class to ask if I had any spaces to take on a new client. I was delighted as, I knew she had seen me over the weeks and she had made a considered decision based on her experience in my fitness class.

She saw the personal training sessions as the natural progression in her future training plans.

Often clients are referred to me through friends or current clients. This is an easier progression as the person contacting me, already feels they know me through speaking with their friends prior to contacting me.

Then we have the person who contacts me directly without having any prior contact with me. This takes a lot of courage to call or email and to make the first step towards their goals. However, this will be the best step you ever make.

The fact that you haven’t been influenced by friends that train with me is very exciting. This means you are in the right frame to make a change in your life and you have researched the Personal training marketplace in Edinburgh and have chosen me to help you make changes in your life!

This change may be influenced by an event coming up in the near future such as a wedding, big birthday or career move were you need to be fitter to apply for example Police or Fire service. Alternatively it may be a long term problem or issue that you need help with, to move forward.

Whatever the issue, we at Infiniti Wellbeing will help you move towards solving it!

I’m not going to give examples of training sessions or fitness, health related regimes. As we all know, everyone is an individual and this would all be assessed when we meet. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

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