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Equicore Personal Training

Riders hoping to get the most from their riding whether recreational, improvement for BHS, Riding Club or Pony Club exams or for competition, can all hugely benefit from Equi-Core.

I offer both Group and One to One sessions in Equi-Core.

However, anyone serious about improving their Riding technique can hugely benefit from participating in a One to One session.

This would allow the chance to ask more direct, in-depth questions regarding their Equi-Core session without feeling they were holding up the class. Some people find it hard to ask questions whilst in a group situation, so having individual tuition is a perfect opportunity to get the best from your session.

I would initially visit you at your stables or yard and perform an initial assessment of your riding ability.

I would also video the session, this would allow you to see for yourself my findings. Regardless of your ability, I am confident I will identify something that can be improved. At this point I would assess what the best options were for you!

Some riders need only a small amount of correction to their position to see great improvements. Whereas others need a little more help.

I would also include work off the horse.

This groundwork for the rider allows you the chance to gain great confidence off the horse. There would then be homework prescribed before participating in the next session. I would run through their specific program of exercises and explain that good technique is vital to the success of this program.

The rider will gain great confidence on the ground before putting this new found knowledge to the test on their horse. This is when I would then look again at the rider as they apply their new training principles.

Some people initially find the new way of riding very different and this is only expected as it takes time to become accustomed to their new way of riding.

Soon their old way of riding becomes a distant memory as the new more effective way takes over.

The inclusion of Equi-Core allow you as a rider to feel more balanced, confident and effective on their horse. Each One to One session is designed for the specific Individual.

Anyone wanting to improve their riding whether it be recreational, to improve their riding to participate in BHS, Riding Club or Pony Club exams or to improve for competition, would all hugely benefit from Equi-Core.

Anyone wanting more information about One to One Equi-Core sessions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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